Frequently Asked Questions

how does it work?

Easy peasy lemon squeezy:

  1. Make a reservation for a Rec Session.

  2. Browse our project menu before you come in to get an idea of what you want to make, or live life on the wild side and decide when you arrive.

  3. Show up and get to craftin’.

Our Rec Sessions are available throughout the week for individual and small group booking. All Rec Session projects cost $35 per person, no matter which project you choose (although certain projects will be featured at reduced pricing for weekly Happy Hour specials, holla!).

Rec Sessions are led by you, you brave little toaster you. Meaning, we provide written instructions (via a handy flip book setup) and materials for key components of the project, but the ultimate design and execution are all yours via the myriad of customization options available. Rather than having instructors on staff, our lovely studio assistants (think of them as craft camp counselors) are always on hand to help you navigate things and bolster your craft confidence if needed.

Upon arrival, you will need to check in at the front desk with an ID and credit card and sign a waiver form. From there you will choose your project. Once chosen, we’ll give you your base materials + tools, show you to your table and give you a quick overview of the self-serve supply area.

Dranks! Feel free to order one at the bar before you get started, or flag down one of the RRCC studio assistants for a refill.

Depending on how much chatting and chooglin’ is going on, the average project takes about 2 hours to complete.

do I need a reservation?

Reservations are preferred and highly recommended. However, if you’re the free spirit type, feel free to stop by at the beginning of a Rec Session to see if we have any open seats and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. Reserve your spot now or give us a call at 414-455-3319.

If there’s a Rec Session you want to attend that is sold out, give us a call to be added to the waitlist.

When Do i Need to Arrive for my Rec Session?

Please try to arrive within 30 minutes of your scheduled Rec Session start time (e.g. if the start time is 11:00, please arrive by 11:30). If you are unable to arrive within that window, shoot us an email, give us a call or add a note to your booking appointment and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Do you Have group booking?

Indeed we do!

We can accommodate small groups and private parties, click here for more details.

Does everyone have to make the same project?

Does everyone at Lolla wear exactly the same thing? Actually, don’t answer that. Do all the seashells in the sea look the same? HECK NO. You’re a unique snowflake, which means you have a choice from almost 20 different projects from our Project Menu, each with limitless customization options. You can browse our Project Menu before you come in or check out project examples when you arrive.

Can my group Sit together?

Yup, as long as we have your group information. For groups of 7 or less, please make one reservation for the entire group.

Groups of 8 or more must call 414-455-3319 to make a reservation, a credit card number will be required. An 18% gratuity will be automatically added to groups of 8 or more.

What Should I bring and wear?

You will need a photo ID and payment method (credit card, debit card, cash). We have aprons and gloves available for use as well. Some projects do involve paint, stain and glue, which can permanently stain clothing.

Should I TIp my STuDIO Assistant/Bartender?

Tipping is 100% always at your discretion, much like any other service-oriented joint you might visit.

That being said, our Studio Assistants are not only your server and bartender; they also provide specific crafting know-how and advice, help save your project when things go awry, clean up the craftermath, and are always willing to snap that perfect posting pic so you can score those sweet, sweet internet points.

Do You Serve Food?

We don't currently serve food, but we also don't want you craftin’ hangry. Outside food is allowed, so feel free to order delivery from one of our super rad neighbors.

Can I drink but not do a project?

Why yes, you sure can! Bar seats and a few table spots are available for sip-service only if you want to drop in and say hello, please understand that we may need to service project-makers first if you visit during prime craftin’ hours.

Is there an Age requirement?

For the most part, our sessions are geared for ages 18 and up. IDs are required for everyone who plans on drinking.